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 (prē′dī-jĕst′, -dĭ-)
tr.v. pre·di·gest·ed, pre·di·gest·ing, pre·di·gests
1. To subject (food) to partial digestion, usually through an enzymatic or chemical process, before ingestion.
2. To render in a simpler style or form.

pre′di·ges′tion n.
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It is like that, which the physicians call predigestion, or hasty digestion; which is sure to fill the body full of crudities, and secret seeds of diseases.
It is common presence in contaminated areas where faecal matter, organic waste and garbage are left exposed and unattended then land on human food, and regurgitate for predigestion before ingestion [16].
First, a predigestion with nitric acid and then a digestion with perchloric acid.
The effect of enzyme predigestion on the quality of poultry by product meal from whole turkey mortality.
Mientras que, la mejor eficiencia de la dieta M30 se explicaria a causa del macerado de las cabezas de camaron, con lo que posiblemente se promovio la liberacion de las enzimas digestivas del hepatopancreas que favorecieron la predigestion de moleculas con valor nutritivo (Cruz, 1996; Eun-Sil et al.
His first great experiment would fill bellies, equaling the predigestion of foodstuffs by cooking, which had quickened thought and prolonged life.
The disease and healthy pools are proteolysed with IS addition predigestion ([IS.
It can be either positive or negative which can be considered separately for predigestion.
9 for 30 minutes at 96[degrees]C), whereas CD3 detection required protease predigestion (0.
La grasa infrapatelar en coloracion de hematoxilina y eosina predigestion enzimatica revela lobulos de tejido adiposo unilocular entre los cuales se aprecia un estroma de tejido conectivo aerolar periadiposo celular y de tejido conectivo denso irregular entre lobulos de tejido adiposo, este ultimo continua con la tunica adventicia de vasculatura arterial, arteriolar y venular Figura 1A.
It has been argued that protein from yogurt is more easily digested than is protein from milk, as bacterial predigestion of milk proteins in yogurt may occur [9,10].