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Carpet tiles accented with bursts of red geometric designs accent the predominately white workspace.
Geared towards a predominately 'tween female-audience with an emphasis on math and science, this book comes across as smart rather than didactic or pedantic.
This project will provide electronics recycling to a predominately rural area.
Engineering and design activities also will operate predominately at the plant level, providing further enhanced customer responsiveness.
Drawn from the first generation of American Muslim women who have identified as being both American and Muslim comes a guide which gathers their diverse voices under one cover in order to present their views of how they live Islam within in a predominately Christian country.
Many people know of the Hell's Angels and other predominately white motorcycle clubs, but few know of the all-black motorcycle clubs.
The company says that many customers are discovering that flexible, Internet standard based Publish-Subscribe technology can improve the integration of corporate systems and speed delivery of information to knowledge workers using predominately ad-hoc problem-solving tools such as spreadsheets.
What you're operating on is the bony skeleton in the upper third and predominately cartilaginous (soft tissue-like) structure in the lower third of the nose," says plastic surgeon Paul R.
By placing a home movie, a decidedly amateur production, along side the other narrative feature films in this issue, The Catherine Films draws attention to how national cinema histories are primarily conceptualized as histories of narrative--and predominately art-house--cinema.
The fire combined with the onslaught of blister rust has been an ecological double whammy for biodiversity; the natural recruitment has been predominately lodgepole pine.
Mulugeta was 13th in 22 minutes, 38 seconds and Wells-Anders was 31st in 23:08 over the relatively flat and predominately grassy 4.
Histologically, these lesions are predominately chondroblastic.