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or pre-e•lec•tion

(ˌpri ɪˈlɛk ʃən)

1. a choice or selection made beforehand.
2. coming before an election: preelection promises.
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Despite all the preelection rhetoric about "stopping the Tories" when it comes to the Single Market, Stevens, Brennan and McMorrin have settled into a cosy alignment with Johnson, Davis and Fox that will be devastating for the Welsh economy.
His Labour opponent said he'd boycotted the all-candidate preelection meeting - making him not just chicken but chlorinated chicken.
Yet he gathered no evidence of the alleged fraud; he just relied on the notion that his lead in preelection surveys could lead him to victory in the actual election.
A spokesman said: "We are in a preelection period and purdah limits what we can say.
Department(the Official ), requests proposals for a comprehensive software Solution to manage preelection,
Companies said uncertainty surrounding the outlook for business had dealt a blow to client spending, leading to the weakest rise in new work since the preelection slowdown in April 2015, according to the report.
That is what happened in 2010, when councillor Mutton stuck by his preelection pledge and withdrew the plan for 33,000 houses.
Telling us about preelection giveaways now and cuts later isn't good enough.
Of course, nobody will volunteer to participate in the defensive wall, but it is good preelection warm-up and patriotic propaganda which we will easily digest as we do with other weak-minded idea.
The Labour MP said: "David Cameron has backtracked on his preelection promise to keep our A&E open, leaving local doctors to decide on major changes to our hospital.
The deal tramples on practically all of Mr Tsipras' preelection promises to repeal the budget austerity that European creditors have imposed for five years.
While newcomers to the table may not be able to achieve the necessary clearances in time to achieve preelection completion, they are still interested in completing the deal as quickly as possible.