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a. Undertaken or intended to deter or prevent an anticipated, usually unpleasant situation or occurrence: The two companies organized a preemptive alliance against a possible takeover by another firm.
b. Having the power to preempt or take precedence: preemptive authority.
2. Games Relating to or being a bid in bridge at a high level that is intended to interfere with the opponents' bidding.

pre·emp′tive·ly adv.


or pre-emp•tive

(priˈɛmp tɪv)

1. of or pertaining to preemption.
2. taken as a measure against something possible, anticipated, or feared; preventive; deterrent: a preemptive strike against the enemy.
3. pertaining to an opening bid in bridge that is unnecessarily high, designed to prevent further bidding.
[1785–95, Amer.]
pre•emp′tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.preemptive - designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence; "a preemptive business offer"
preventative, preventive - tending to prevent or hinder
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The company also saved time and money by streamlining the equipment check in/check out processes and preemptively alerting Shure of possible inventory issues.
TIBCO delivers the ability to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage.
I don't think it would be right to preemptively brief out a criminal investigation.
In a statement, the army clarified that its forces in Mosul preemptively arrested 17 terrorists who are involved in planting bombs and assassinations operations.
But officials said that the fact-gathering process could take weeks, and Kerry preemptively dismissed their visit as too late to be credible, the report said.
NNA - Member of Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah, said Friday during a Hezbollah celebration in south Lebanon, that all political factions must come together to aid PM-designate Tammam Salam in forming cabinet, and added that the defense strategy encompassing people, resistance and army does not wait for the enemy to attack the country, but goes out to attack the enemy preemptively.
But it is still insufficient to preemptively repel the shark from the immediate vicinity of the surfboard in response to dispersion and dilution of the repellent in the water.
In response, Fairey preemptively sued the news service, claiming that he had used a different photo of then-senator Obama and that he was protected by fair-use laws.
On Friday, Paul was responding to a question from an Iowa voter who asked the Texas Congressman whether he could conceive of a situation where he would preemptively declare war on a country.
So let's hold that moral yardstick up against his own record: voting for an illegal war in Iraq, claiming the maximum of pounds 390 per month for four years off the taxpayer for "food" (without receipts), and preemptively accusing hard-working Civic Centre staff of colluding in some kind of electoral fraud conspiracy.
As inevitably happens in these situations, private citizens, militias, police, or military units sometimes took the law into their own hands, either exacting revenge or striking preemptively against the perceived (and very real) threat.
IBM have announced that its Internet Security Systems (ISS) X-Force research and development team has discovered and preemptively protected customers from two similar, but distinct vulnerabilities in CA Brightstor ARCserve.