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v. pre·empt·ed, pre·empt·ing, pre·empts
1. To take the place of or take precedence over: Discussion of the water shortage will preempt the other topics on this week's agenda.
a. To take action to prevent (an event or other action) from happening; forestall: "The [Joint] Chiefs ... proposed the use of nuclear weapons to preempt China's anticipated attack on Formosa" (James Carroll).
b. To take action to prevent (another) from acting.
a. To acquire or take for oneself before others; appropriate: "I've preempted the forward compartment [of the boat] with two berths shaped like a V ... to make myself a double bunk" (Joan Gould).
b. To gain possession of by prior right or opportunity, especially to settle on (public land) so as to obtain the right to buy before others.
v.intr. Games
To make a preemptive bid in bridge.

[Back-formation from preemption.]

pre·emp′tor′ (-ĕmp′tôr′) n.
pre·emp′to·ry (-ĕmp′tə-rē) adj.
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Since the forthcoming negotiations in Sochi can be an important step towards national reconciliation in Syria and further strengthening of Assad's standing, Ankara is trying through this preemptory measure to prevent restoration of stability to Syria.
Marcos as well as to affirm their preemptory and nonderogable right to receive remedy.
They are probably the most isolated people on Earth and almost unanimously believe that their greatest threat is from a preemptory military attack by the US.
Perhaps in part yes, although a preemptory affirmation would require a great deal more study--although this alone would not explain an apparent change in the points of view of these operators.
Reck-Malleczewen's lament for lost freedoms blurs with a preemptory defence of inner emigration, already running counter to Horkheimer's assumption that exiles would return to Germany with clearer sight than those who had remained.
While there is a lack of consensus amongst tribunals on when a state's international human rights obligations will pre-empt obligations under an investment agreement or excuse a violation of a BIT provision, preemptory jus cogens are an exception to the rule.
30) If the clear statement rule only applies where federal preemption threatens to interfere with a state's authority to govern its subdivisions, perhaps Section 706 arguably implied delegation of preemptory authority should have been enough to save at least one victory for the FCC and consumers in the City of Wilson.
This experience demonstrated that the Zionist pressure groups could go as far as having US Congress pass indefensible legislations forcing the highest American judicial institution to violate preemptory norms of international law.
117) Absent clear preemptory language, a statutory right of action will not supplant common law remedies unless the statutory remedy "fully comprehends and envelops" them.
Employers should implement an action plan now--a preemptory audit will provide for a seamless transition.
determining if a broad preemptory claim contains a "meaningful
The introductory chapter frames 'scaling it up' around five different kinds of scaling, including outscaling to expand current local solutions to reach more; linking upwards to governmental structures; effective integration beyond environmental practitioners to break disciplinary and sector boundaries --which might be understood as scaling across; strategic approaches to address greatest adaptation given physical, time, and financial constraints; and reducing scaling needs through preemptory mitigation (authored by Reid and Schipper).