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v. pre·ex·ist·ed, pre·ex·ist·ing, pre·ex·ists
To exist before (something); precede: Dinosaurs preexisted humans.
To exist beforehand.

pre′ex·is′tence n.
pre′ex·is′tent adj.
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Noun1.preexistence - existing in a former state or previous to something else
being, beingness, existence - the state or fact of existing; "a point of view gradually coming into being"; "laws in existence for centuries"
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Much can be argued against this, and it can be shown that when Gregory Nyssen criticized the preexistence of disembodied souls, he was not targeting Origen, who did not support it.
A third reading, the conservative reading holds that the Guide's great achievement is in its demonstration that eternal preexistence of the world cannot be proved.
In discussing the baptism of Jesus and the voice from heaven that anointed him for his vocation, the author addresses the problem of adop-tionism, preexistence, and humanness in Jesus as the incarnation of the Logos.
One could argue that the preexistence of a homophonous noun, a cue, might preclude an alternate spelling, but the letters B, C, G, I, O, P, R, T, U, and Y, despite being exactly homophonous to the common English words be, sea, ghee, aye/eye, oh/owe, pea, are, tea, you/ewe/yew, and why (sea, aye/eye, and ewe having the additional distinction of not even containing the letter with which they are homophones), are instead spelled with unrelated nonsense words or other English words.
Site selection included historically important sites with current remnant abalone populations as well as criteria that included preexistence of abalone aggregations within site boundaries, available food resources, and suitable substrate.
La preexistence d'un defaut visuel non corrige augmentera aussi la frequence des symptomes oculaires.
Therefore Indigenous political subjectivity, defined by affective networks of kinship relations, not only falls outside the scope of settler political reality, but it actively challenges the state's continued legitimacy by insisting on the preexistence of polities external to the state.
Dans le chapitre consacre au contexte canadien, l'auteure--tout en montrant les differentes formes de coredaction et leurs avantages--souligne en quoi cette forme d'ecriture ne constitue en rien un contournement de la traduction et de ses difficultes puisqu'a terme, toute coredaction suppose d'une part l'existence prealable d'une idee ou d'un plan et d'autre part un processus ou l'experience a montre la preexistence recurrente de l'anglais, et donc du recours a la traduction.
One key factor was the preexistence of post-abortion care services--health care providers were already familiar with the main safe abortion methods.
All pagan religion and philosophy reposes immediately or ultimately on the doctrine of preexistence.
Alors, ces nations se sont creees un discours historique qui mette l'accent sur la preexistence des formations ci-dessus mentionnees.
The establishment and practicing of democracy requires society's predisposition, fulfillment of certain prerequisites (adequate socio-economic, political and cultural developments) and preexistence of mechanisms, such as institutions, etc.