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v. pre·ex·ist·ed, pre·ex·ist·ing, pre·ex·ists
To exist before (something); precede: Dinosaurs preexisted humans.
To exist beforehand.

pre′ex·is′tence n.
pre′ex·is′tent adj.
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Adj.1.preexisting - existing previously or before something; "variations on pre-existent musical themes"
antecedent - preceding in time or order


adj preexistente
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Almost all of these cases are associated with preexisting thyroid lesions; the traumatic rupture of a previously normal thyroid gland is very rare.
Originally, the concessionaire had an authorization to fulfill the preexisting conditions and start work on July 24.
1471-1(b)(48) to change the requirement that a preexisting obligation for a withholding agent means any account, instrument, or contract maintained or executed by the withholding agent as of Jan.
Health insurance companies must strive to acquire a larger member pool and manage risk adjustment associated with accepting members with preexisting conditions.
With only about a year to go before the major elements of the Affordable Care Act take effect, federal health officials have released details on how health plans must cover individuals with preexisting conditions, as well as what types of health plans can be offered in state insurance exchanges.
The GAO looked at how many people may benefit from provisions in the Affordable Care Act that prohibit insurers from denying coverage, increasing premiums or restricting benefits because of a preexisting condition.
A key component to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is coverage for preexisting conditions.
SEATTLE -- A gestational age of 38-39 weeks appears to be the optimal time for delivery in pregnant women with preexisting hypertension when both fetal and neonatal risks are weighed, an observational population-based study has shown.
President Obama has signed legislation that states that insurance companies must provide coverage for all persons, even those with preexisting health conditions.
Although major pharmaceutical companies do not appear to be rejecting the proposal in FDA's draft guidance on drug-induced liver injury that trials enroll patients with preexisting liver disease, according to comments submitted on the draft, the companies would like to see more clarification on how such patients should be included.
Obtain a client's complete medical history early in the case so you can anticipate defenses related to preexisting conditions.
The study results showed clinical safety, and that the TRC treatment sites all exhibited bone growth that was statistically significant and had the desired initial integration with preexisting bone.