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Of, relating to, or constituting a preface; introductory. See Synonyms at preliminary.

[From Latin praefātus, past participle of praefārī, to say before; see preface.]

pref′a·to′ri·ly adv.
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Regardless of the subsequent final disposition of the high tribunal on the accused's petition including the resolution of his intended motion for reconsideration, it is crystal clear that the Supreme Court prefatorily refused to grant him the provisional, ancillary and extraordinary remedy of a TRO," Reyes said.
Prefatorily, consider the environment in which VAT has operated for the last 10-plus years.
Comparing the new classical monetary economics to the General Theory, Niehans' interpretation of Keynes can be prefatorily set forth as follows: (1) The postulate of rational expectations: Niehans views Keynes' psychological approach as contrasting with rationality (1) (2) The quantity theory of money: Niehans perceives Keynes as an adherent of the quantity theory (3) Interest indeterminacy: Niehans conceives of a Keynesian system as one in which the interest rate is indeterminate (4) Market clearing: Niehans regards Keynes as basing his theory of employment upon wage rigidity (5) Neutrality of money: Niehans demus at treating the short-term output effects of money as Keynesian.