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a. The district administered or governed by a prefect.
b. An administrative district of some countries, especially China or Japan.
2. The office or authority of a prefect.
3. The residence or housing of a prefect.

pre·fec′tur·al (prĭ-fĕk′chər-əl) adj.
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Adj.1.prefectural - of or relating to a prefecture; "a prefectural museum"
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The prefectural government and North Pacific Bank offered the airline loans and investment, together with other local businesses.
Takaji Uchiyama, a veteran Shizuoka prefectural assembly member and influential Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) politician in Shizuoka, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of receiving 1 million yen in bribe from a garbage disposal operator in return for getting lesser penalty over illegal dumping.
The Hokkaido prefectural government decided Thursday to seek a delay in testing dead cows aged 2 or older for mad cow disease as required under a special law entering into force next April.
The government will allow prefectural governments to slash by up to 50% taxes on motor vehicles equipped with devices capable of cutting harmful agents in exhaust gases, government officials said Monday.
The first and largest task the new governor should tackle is rehabilitating the prefectural government's critically ailing finances.
Fukushima Prefecture has decided to postpone the planned introduction Sunday of a prefectural ordinance sharply raising the local tax on nuclear fuel, prefectural officials said Saturday.
The Osaka prefectural government will seek approval Wednesday from the prefectural assembly for its plan to impose a freeze on a local bank tax, prefectural government officials said Tuesday.
The Kanagawa prefectural government is calling on nine other prefectures to form an alliance to seek an increase in vehicle tax collected by local governments, Kanagawa prefectural government officials said Tuesday.
The opposition Democratic Party of Japan boosted its presence in local assemblies by capturing additional seats in all 44 of the nation's 47 prefectural assemblies for which elections were held Sunday.
The Miyagi prefectural government plans to raise the local tax on nuclear fuel, bringing its tax rate in line with Niigata and Fukui prefectural governments at 10% of nuclear fuel prices from the current 7%, Miyagi Gov.
The Osaka prefectural government plans to postpone the imposition of a local bank tax from late May to fiscal 2004 or later to avoid financial burdens it may suffer in the event of losing a lawsuit filed by 16 banks, prefectural officials said Wednesday.
TOKYO, April 6 Kyodo Twenty-eight prefectural and municipal governments have established local rules aimed at persuading drivers not to keep their engines idling, in a bid to reduce air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases, the Environment Agency said Tuesday.