preferred provider organization

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pre·ferred provider organization

n. Abbr. PPO
A health insurance plan in which members pay less for health care provided by professionals and hospitals affiliated with the plan.
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Virtually all CDHPs - 97 percent - are built on a preferred provider organization (PPO) network, which highlights the degree to which consumers respond to choice, access and flexibility, the defining traits of PPO-based CDHPs, and the hallmark of the PPO health care delivery platform.
1, 2006, the Blues plans, as part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Northern Plains Alliance, would offer regional Medicare Advantage preferred provider organization health plans and Medicare prescription drug plans to Medicare beneficiaries, pending federal approval, the Minnesota Blues said.
In a preferred provider organization or PPO, a doctor or other health care provider contracts with an insurer to provide care at a discounted rate.
Coverage that offers a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan combines fee-for-service plans' freedom of choice with HMO networks' managed-care incentives.

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