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tr.v. pre·fig·ured, pre·fig·ur·ing, pre·fig·ures
1. To suggest, indicate, or represent by an antecedent form or model; presage or foreshadow: The paintings of Paul Cézanne prefigured the rise of cubism in the early 1900s.
2. Archaic To imagine in advance.

[Middle English prefiguren, from Old French prefigurer, from Late Latin praefigūrāre : Latin prae-, pre- + Latin figūrāre, to shape (from figūra, shape; see dheigh- in Indo-European roots).]

pre·fig′ur·a·tive (-fĭg′yər-ə-tĭv) adj.
pre·fig′ur·a·tive·ly adv.
pre·fig′ure·ment n.
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Adj.1.prefigurative - indistinctly propheticprefigurative - indistinctly prophetic    
prophetic, prophetical - foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention; "prophetic writings"; "prophetic powers"; "words that proved prophetic"
References in classic literature ?
Like all the cottagers in Blackmoor Vale, Tess was steeped in fancies and prefigurative superstitions; she thought this an ill omen--the first she had noticed that day.
As part of this contest, it is planned to conduct prefigurative arrangements that allow the site to take life without burdening final installations which could at a later stage, be seated.
More recently Stephanie Ross contended that unions involving rank-and-file members in "deep union democracy" are prefigurative since they begin "to construct the very democratic institutions many would like to see developed in the rest of society.
Detailing parents' and students' subjective assessment concerning the costs and benefits of college, Morgan (2005) specifies the process by which the assessment influences prefigurative and preparatory commitment.
Recent social movements are reliant on digital infrastructure and infused with protester desires for what is often called prefigurative politics--creating spaces of alternative existence in resistance to and the rejection of markets and authorities.
The antimarket localists focus on democratic, decentralized, prefigurative communities and methods of production.
Organizing his work into four sections, he presents arguments about how to theorize solidarity, historical examples of colonial and anti-colonial internationalism, solidarity and geopolitics during the Cold War in Chile and Europe, and the prefigurative politics of solidarity under neoliberalism.
Bhabha sees emerging in-between "a prefigurative self-generating nation 'in-itself' and extrinsic other nations.
CHRISTIAN GOLDEN, "Agony and Integrity: an Erotic Psychology for Prefigurative Ethical Practice.
Paul reads portions of the Old Testament as prefigurative to the New, as containing clues or signs that point to the later events of the New Testament.
In Polletta's (1999) scheme, gay-straight alliances occupy a prefigurative safe space characterized by symmetrical associational ties.
The "call to adventure" represents the particular presenting problem that has led the client to seek services--and the sense that one's prefigurative (mimesis1) understanding no longer adequately captures one's positive qualities, resulting in a diminished identity.