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Preparing for or occurring before flight.
tr.v. pre·flight·ed, pre·flight·ing, pre·flights
To check (an aircraft) for airworthiness before flight.

pre′flight′ n.


of or relating to the period just prior to a plane taking off



occurring or done before a flight.


[ˈpriːˈflaɪt] ADJanterior al despegue


adj attr preflight checks/instructionsKontrollen pl/Anweisungen plvor dem Flug
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After that, I have been adamant about accounting for tools and flight-gear preflights.
My next command was a test squadron, and those pilots were a little better about doing a preflight inspection of their survival gear.
I just have one question for all the new pilots out there, as well as the old ones, "Did you preflight, sir?
New Digital Asset Software Tracks Projects, Font Usage and Automatically Preflights InDesign and Illustrator Jobs
When a user checks out an InDesign document, Cumulus and TypeTrax automatically preflight it to ensure inclusion of the fonts, images and all associated resource files that are needed to properly output the job.
In our self-induced rush to get the spare started, we hurried our preflights.
As an experienced aviator, I know the value of a good preflight.
We got the mission brief, gave our crew brief, and started to preflight our aircraft.
This tool collects all fonts and images (including fonts and images used in EPS files) from a QuarkXPress document, preflights the document and allows users to easily upload files to their printer's FTP site.
QX-Tools Pro also includes preflighting via Extensis' revolutionary Preflight Online service.
QX-Tools Pro includes a free, single user subscription to Extensis' revolutionary Preflight Online service that allows users to preflight their QuarkXPress 4 jobs before sending them to the printer.