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Noun1.frontal cortex - that part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying directly behind the foreheadfrontal cortex - that part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying directly behind the forehead
cerebral cortex, cerebral mantle, cortex, pallium - the layer of unmyelinated neurons (the grey matter) forming the cortex of the cerebrum
frontal gyrus - any of the convolutions of the outer surface of the frontal lobe of the cerebrum
precentral gyrus - the convolution of the frontal lobe that is bounded in back by the central sulcus and that contains the motor area
lobe - (anatomy) a somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part; "ear lobe"
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They also knew that this behavior is likely mediated by a set of brain structures in the dorsolateral prefrontal area of the brain that have been associated with performance on the executive function tasks like the ones in the Lumosity™ battery.
Gilboa (2004) suggests that the left prefrontal area is more associated with the processing of self-referential information.
Indeed, the frontal cortex, including the dorsolateral prefrontal area, has extensive connections with subcortical areas, in particular with the striatum (Damasio & Anderson, 2003; Mesulam, 2002).
There is evidence of anti-depressive efficacy of HF-rTMS to the left dorsolateral prefrontal area and LF-rTMs to the right dorsolateral prefrontal area (20-22).
This quirk and others nearby may have aided in thought experiments, since the prefrontal area of the brain is important for imagination and simulations, researchers propose.
Future studies with larger samples will make it possible to divide the prefrontal lesion group into subgroups and thus analyze the involvement of each circuit and prefrontal area in conflict resolution and executive control.
Gender difference in hemodynamic responses of prefrontal area to emotional stress by near-infrared spectroscopy.
The mid-DLPFC, a region lying between the posterior dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the rostrolateral prefrontal area, has been proposed as supporting working memory functions in the cognitive monitoring of flexible decision making processes (Petrides, 2000).