prefrontal cortex

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Noun1.prefrontal cortex - the anterior part of the frontal lobe
cerebral cortex, cerebral mantle, cortex, pallium - the layer of unmyelinated neurons (the grey matter) forming the cortex of the cerebrum
lobe - (anatomy) a somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part; "ear lobe"
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This strengthens evidence that the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex integrates information from other parts of the brain to determine punishment and shows a clear neural dissociation between punishment decisions and moral responsibility judgements.
Walking along the highway did nothing to diminish activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex.
The precise mechanism by which ketamine, an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist, improves treatment-resistant depression has not been identified, though the prefrontal cortex is thought to play a role in modulating depression.
With this research, we are able to target the prefrontal cortex as a specific modulator of depressive-like behaviours; and obtain the optimum result for treatment with DBS.
The researchers then compared their brain scans and identified a connection that was stronger in explorers than in non-explorers between the rostrolateral prefrontal cortex and the posterior insula and putamen, parts of the brain sensitive to the "state of the body" and "carrying out actions," respectively.
These areas, the supplementary motor area, the pre-supplementary area and the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, are known to be linked to executive function.
One of the critical reward-related regions is the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which can be targeted using a brain stimulation technology called transcranial magnetic stimulation.
When we turn on a laser light in the prelimbic region of the prefrontal cortex, the compulsive cocaine seeking is gone," Antonello Bonci, senior author and scientific director of the intramural research program at the National Institute of Drug Abuse, said in a statement.
Usually, the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala operate in tandem, a joint effort that seems to be involved in shutting down negative emotions.
Through the comparison, the team found that the amount of LHX6 was about 22 percent lower on average in the prefrontal cortex of schizophrenia patients compared with unaffected brains.
However, proper function of the prefrontal cortex requires norepinephrine and dopamine level to also be within optimal level.
When a coping strategy seems not to be directly available (18) and fear-related emotions still persist after stimulus perception, increased activation in both the amygdala and the dorsomedial/dorsolateral prefrontal cortex constitutes a measure of the ongoing emotional conflict.