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As Klllman and so many others have learned over the past 25 years, its much easier to attend the Cookies By The Pound preholiday event put on by the women of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marion than to spend hours in their own kitchens making the tasty homemade treats.
at the Spaceport and experience a magical preholiday treat.
He begins with the effect of Christmas on prices, reporting that there is a positive effect on stock prices: the so-called preholiday effect.
99 'Normally my preholiday manicure chips before I've even checked in, but I'm in awe of the staying power of this new two-step kit.
05pm If you're planning a New Year break, perhaps you could pop into Tanya's Tans for a preholiday bronzing treatment.
Instead of the usual avalanche of balikbayan boxes, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) seem to be sending the message better safe than sorry this preholiday season.
Speaking to friends this week about their planned Greek island adventure, I see the delightful build-up to the preholiday has been marred by a consideration far greater than how many evening dresses to pack or whether to hire a car.
When you are focused on executing your preholiday season plan, do not let smartphones, social media, and the Internet distract you from your higher-value activities.
Netanyahu could win significant political cover with a preholiday homecoming for Mr.
The anomalies that aren't there: the weekend, January and preholiday effects on the all gold index on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange 1987-1997.
Hereby, every Bolkart holder will have a chance to realize his preholiday plans by drawing cash from the card.
The preholiday showcase of handcrafts and gifts pulls into Union Station in December, and the giant fall event parks itself on Park Street.