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tr.v. pre·in·stalled, pre·in·stall·ing, pre·in·stalls
To install software on a computer or other device before selling it to a consumer.

pre·in′stal·la′tion (-stə-lā′shən) n.
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WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-January 9, 2014-McAfee to preinstall LiveSafe service on new HP computers
Provider of security solutions and services McAfee announced on Wednesday the delivery of McAfee LiveSafe service worldwide as a preinstall on select new HP consumer and commercial PCs.
X Test Drive preinstall and also is extending the popular Office Party program that launched last fall into an Office Romance, saving Mac and Office customers up to $300 (U.
Opera Software and Micromax, one of the world s largest handset manufacturers, have announced that they have extended the time frame of their partnership to preinstall Opera Mini as an exclusive third-party mobile web browser on all Android devices launched by Micromax.
is the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to preinstall Microsoft(R) Application Center 2000 as part of the Microsoft OEM program.
The decision by Dell to preinstall Application Center 2000 is another important milestone in Microsoft's effort to deliver great out-of-the-box value to customers with its partners.
The remaining two companies, Evertek Computers and ATC Computer, continued to preinstall unlicensed Microsoft software after receiving a written warning and opted to become involved in copyright-infringement litigation rather than settle.
We are therefore thrilled to be working with the BBM team at BlackBerry to preinstall BBM on our devices, making it easier than ever for our customers to get connected to BBM contacts and start chatting.
These two partners join a growing list of leading hardware and software manufacturers that already preinstall America Online,
NASDAQ-NMS: AMER), announced today that three leading manufacturers of personal computers -- AST, NEC and ACER -- will now preinstall America Online, the nation's fastest growing consumer online service, in their personal computers targeted at the consumer market.
announces that it will preinstall OS/2 on its systems
In addition, Turbolinux is planning to preinstall the software on its next desktop product to make the capability seamless.