(prē′lônch′, -lŏnch′)
Preparatory or preliminary to launch, especially of a spacecraft or missile.


of the period before a launch


(priˈlɔntʃ, -ˈlɑntʃ)

preparatory to launch, as of a spacecraft.
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For the full schedule of prelaunch, launch and docking coverage, visit:http://www.
Media prelaunch and launch activities will take place at CCAFS and NASA s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Unfortunately when they did the prelaunch sessions in May I couldn't attend so when the mix and match came around I was straight there.
The direction follows complaints filed with the CCI against DLF Gurgaon Home Developers alleging that the company had lured home buyers to book apartments at very attractive rates in DLF New Town Heights project under a prelaunch scheme.
Metabolism "It's the metabolism of the system," NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive observatory lead scientist Dara Entekhabi told reporters at a prelaunch news conference.
FLORIDA (CyHAN)- At Kennedy Space Center, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, Kennedy Center Director Bob Cabana and other officials invited the media to view prelaunch progress of the Orion Spacecraft.
The Orbital investment far exceeds the NASA investment," Orbital Sciences executive vice president Frank Culbertson told reporters at a prelaunch press conference on Tuesday.
extensive phase of testing the company now stated the prelaunch of the
In 2011 Conferize was introduced prelaunch at the prestigious technology launch pad DEMO in Silicon Valley.
Potential purchasers who register their interest now will be invited to a VIP prelaunch events on November 3 and 4.
You do this by publishing some really powerful prelaunch content that creates anticipation and gets people excited to buy from you.
The second experiment) was supposed to go up on the Russian Soyuz space vehicle, but (the space vehicle) failed prelaunch tests," Ms.