(prē′lônch′, -lŏnch′)
Preparatory or preliminary to launch, especially of a spacecraft or missile.


of the period before a launch


(priˈlɔntʃ, -ˈlɑntʃ)

preparatory to launch, as of a spacecraft.
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Although there will be no crew on the first flight, the crew access arm provides a bridge to Orion for personnel and equipment entering the spacecraft and allows the ground crew access for processing and prelaunch integrated testing while in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and at Launch Pad 39B.
Ronnel Cayetano, one of Uber Philippines' original drivers since its prelaunch days in 2013, would say otherwise, claiming it's the passengers who tell more interesting tales.
The company said Dinges was the recipient of president's Achievement Award in 2001, one of 32 Business Directors each year, the Change Agent Award for his market development prelaunch business planning and contributions to sales force execution as well as recognized with a Career Achievement Award.
The Disney love collectible which we have here is a limited edition (10,000 pieces) a prelaunch coin, which is scheduled to be launched on January 1.
Customizely, scheduled to officially launch on November 13, 2017, is currently offering a prelaunch giveaway with the grand prize winner receiving $2,500 in custom embroidered or screen printed apparel (every year) for the life of their organization (business, church, non-profit, school, team, etc.
Property-seekers are being urged to register their interest now to receive prelaunch information prior to the launch on Saturday, June 10, when the first plots will be released for sale.
gov/spacex/2017/05/31/prelaunch-events-to-be-televised-today/) prelaunch news conference at 4 p.
This year also brought setbacks: Two sea landings of Falcon 9 rockets failed, and in September, one exploded in a fireball on its Florida launchpad during routine prelaunch tests (SNOnline: 9/1/16).
The organisation of the conference is part of the economic diplomacy adopted by the foreign ministry to prelaunch the Tunisian economy and introduce the investment opportunities in the country and the incentives offered to investors by the new law on investment.
It was not immediately known what impact, if any, the loss of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket during a routine prelaunch test in Florida on Thursday would have on the company's other programs.
There will be a prelaunch preview on Thursday night before the venue opens to the public on Friday night.
The sea state is good for surfing, and a little bit high for landing, but we don't anticipate that's going to be a major problem," Hans Koenigsmann, vice president of mission assurance at SpaceX, told media during a prelaunch press conference on Friday.