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intr.v. pre·lect·ed, pre·lect·ing, pre·lects
To lecture or discourse in public.

[Latin praelegere, praelect- : prae-, pre- + legere, to read; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·lec′tion n.
pre·lec′tor n.
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Before the closing ceremony of the 2nd Meeting with the Media, which took place on Friday, 16, the journalists participated in the seminar promoted by the National Assembly since yesterday, whose first panel, which had as prelector the President of the Commission of Central Government and Local Government (4th Commission), Deputy Vigilio Tchyova, addressed the theme, "Parliament, Parliamentary Groups and Political Parties .
Otro de los autores e ilustradores que escribe para un publico prelector en los anos 80 es Maria Keil.
Porcentaje del nivel prelector de los alumnos antes y despues de la intervencion por grupo de estudio Grupo Experimental Grupo Control Pretest 75% 66% Postest 0 30% Pretest 17% 27% Postest 12% 47% Pretest 8% 7% Postest 38% 20% Pretest 0 0 Postest 46% 3% Pretest 0 0 Postest 4% 0 Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico de barra.
He served as the chief prelector and organizer for the American Society for Clinical Pathology fall anatomic pathology slide seminar on lung tumors in 1991 and for an additional 20 regional meetings.