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 (prē′lĭm′, prĭ-lĭm′)
n. Informal
A preliminary: teams that were eliminated in the prelims; studied hard for my prelims.


(ˈpri lɪm, prɪˈlɪm)

n., adj. Informal.
[1880–85; by shortening]
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Noun1.prelim - a minor match preceding the main event
athletic competition, athletic contest, athletics - a contest between athletes
2.prelim - an examination taken by graduate students to determine their fitness to continue
exam, examination, test - a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"
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Geena Lara: Advanced based on time after finishing fourth in 800 prelim heat (2:02.
She won the intro and prelim league championships with Glancerdin Fflach and the Novice Championship League Cup with Charlie.
November: 4 Griffin Rosebowl Final, 11 Pairs Prelim, 18 Sixteen, 24 Sixteen, 25 Pairs Final.
Coventry Sphinx: Aug -Sat 7 Willenhall (a); Tue 10 Friar Lane & Epworth (h); Sat 14 FA Cup, extra prelim, Castle Vale (h); Tue 17 Malvern (a); Sat 21 Tipton (a); Tue 24 Oadby (h); Monday 30 Alvechurch (h); Sep: Sat 4 Causeway (a).
They will also compete in the U21 Prelim Championships at the Sheepgate BYRDS U25 Championships, also in Lincolnshire, later in the month after gaining qualifying scores from their first two affiliated tests.
The Prelim 4 unaffiliated championship saw a two point win for Amanda Fletcher, who rode the six year old Belgian Warmblood horse Chino.
Howden-le-Wear event rider Victoria Gibson, riding the newly purchased Etoile Rouge, won the Prelim 14 restricted section and equalled Barbara Buglass riding Wizard to win the Novice 20 restricted both with 62.
Less than 16 hours after Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff set world records Sunday in the 400-meter individual medleys, McGregory produced the first world-record swim of the prelims Monday morning at the Qwest Center by clocking 59.
S&P Asgns 'AAA/AA-' Prelim Rtgs to PUMA Finance Notes
He's proved himself in dressage prelim tests but really loves his jumping, is a great school master and all-rounder, and for a big boy is such a gentleman and tries his best once he gets to know and trust yo u.
Arizona State won the 4x100 relay prelim race in 39.
The Emma Mould-trained Edgewood Arena pupils Gina Bardon and Julia Paterson moved on to the dressage series scoreboard with wins in Prelim classes.