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Prior to or preparing for the main matter, action, or business; introductory or prefatory.
n. pl. pre·lim·i·nar·ies
often preliminaries Something that precedes another item of a similar kind, especially:
a. A contest to determine the finalists in a competition.
b. An event that precedes the main event, especially in boxing or wrestling.
c. An academic examination taken before a longer, more complex, or more important examination.
d. An introductory remark made before a speech, presentation, or meeting.

[From New Latin praelīmināris : Latin prae-, pre- + Latin līmen, līmin-, threshold.]

pre·lim′i·nar′i·ly (-nâr′ə-lē) adv.
Synonyms: preliminary, introductory, prefatory, preparatory
These adjectives mean going before and preparing the way for something else: a preliminary investigation; introductory remarks; an author's prefatory notes; preparatory steps.
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Their jaws moved preliminarily with fearful threatenings.
The District Court for the Northern District of California has preliminarily approved a class action settlement in which eBay Inc.
The competition for Jerooy gold mine will be preliminarily announced for September 2013, Vice Prime Minister Tairbek Sarpashev told reporters today during his working tour of Chui region.
A letter addressed to President Barack Obama contained a substance that preliminarily tested positive for the deadly poison ricin, authorities said on Wednesday.
The decision has been made preliminarily by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), which is formulating enforcement rules for the "financial consumer protection law," scheduled to hit the road at the end this year.
If the load is not placed on the fiber center the interface may be preliminarily damaged and result in a low load and high displacement at that load.
The court held that the prisoner was not required to prove discriminatory intent to establish that he was denied equal protection, where the defendants admitted that they used race as the only factor in preliminarily excluding Black inmates from critical-worker lists.
The mixed C&D material is fed into the shredder after it has been preliminarily sorted.
After preliminarily approving the deal, an appellate court upheld the conviction but city officials remain satisfied with the company, and the issue was not raised Friday.
In addition to arranging, qualifying and preliminarily underwriting the loan request, several additional stages of the transaction were conducted online, including document management, web-based communication through CapitalThinking's messaging system and real-time deal status updates posted by the lender as progress was made through the various stages.
1% from the preceding quarter, revised downward from the preliminarily reported growth of 0.
On May 26, 2010, the United States District Court for the District of Maryland preliminarily approved of a settlement of class action lawsuit against Federated Investors, Inc.