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 (prē′mə-tyo͝or′, -to͝or′, -cho͝or′)
1. Occurring, growing, or existing before the customary, correct, or assigned time; uncommonly or unexpectedly early: a premature end.
2. Born after a gestation period of less than the normal time: a premature infant.

[Middle English, ripe, from Latin praemātūrus, ripe too early : prae-, pre- + mātūrus, ripe; see mā- in Indo-European roots.]

pre′ma·ture′ly adv.
pre′ma·ture′ness, pre′ma·tu′ri·ty n.
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Noun1.prematureness - the state of being premature
immatureness, immaturity - not having reached maturity
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Expressing his concerns over the prematureness of EU policies, Alexander Duleba, Director of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, argued that there was a need for countries to move ahead with relations with the EU but we would "need to be sure they are ready to do so.
If the slogan of immediate establishment of a workers' government, the battle cry of millions of German workers, was a failure because of its prematureness, because the theory of universality of laws of revolution as promulgated after the Russian Revolution does not hold true, was it not all the more silly to put forth the slogan in the victorious nations?
The prematureness of the project is seen in the questions we have still not answered.