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n. pl. pre·max·il·lae (-măk-sĭl′ē)
Either of two bones located in front of and between the maxillary bones in the upper jaw of vertebrates.

pre·max′il·lar′y (-măk′sə-lĕr′ē) adj.


n, pl -lae (-liː)
(Anatomy) either of two bones situated in the upper jaw between the maxillary bones
ˌpremaxˈillary adj


(ˌpri mækˈsɪl ə)

n., pl. -max•il•lae (-mækˈsɪl i)
one of a pair of bones of the upper jaw of vertebrates situated in front of and between the maxillary bones.
[1865–70; < New Latin praemaxilla. See pre-, maxilla]
pre•max′il•lar`y (-səˌlɛr i) adj.
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The most ideal location for implants in edentulous total maxillectomy patients is residual premaxilla.
The jaws of humans--and dogs, salmon, lizards and all other bony vertebrates--contain three key bones: the maxilla and premaxilla of the upper jaw, and the dentary of the lower jaw.
The lower jaw and premaxilla are well mineralized, and there are anterior flanges at the symphysis of the dentaries.
Transmissible venereal sarcoma as primary lesion extending from nostril to premaxilla region in a male dog and its surgical and therapueitc management is documented.
Use of distraction osteogenesis for the correction of deviated nasal septum and premaxilla in a horse.
The skull length, measured from the premaxilla to the first vertebra, was 65.
Taking into account the length of the rostrum (anterior margin of orbits to tip of premaxilla = 22 cm) relative to the total skull length (posterior edge of parietal to tip of premaxilla = 36 cm), H.
Premaxilla with long lateral process, rounded over ethmoids, and two rows of teeth: outer row with two* (24), three (20) or four (two) all tricuspid; inner row with five (46) pentacuspid teeth (with the last tooth tricuspid), that gradually diminish in size away from symphysis.
Jaws about equal, oblique, premaxilla with an abrupt bend between the anterior horizontal portion and lateral part; maxilla ends below about anterior edge of pupil; maxillary length 2.