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Preparing for or relating to the studies that prepare one for the study of medicine: a premedical student; premedical courses.


1. (Medicine) of or relating to a course of study prerequisite for entering medical school
2. (Medicine) of or relating to a person engaged in such a course of study: a premedical student.
preˈmedically adv


(priˈmɛd ɪ kəl)

of, pertaining to, or engaged in studies in preparation for the formal study of medicine.
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Adj.1.premedical - preparing for the study of medicine; "premedical students"
2.premedical - preceding and preparing for the study of medicine; "premedical courses"
preceding - existing or coming before


adj (US) courseauf das (eigentliche) Medizinstudium vorbereitend attr
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1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The University of California, Irvine, Ayala School of Biological Sciences in partnership with the School of Physical Sciences offers for the first time the UCI Ayala School of Biological Sciences Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program designed for students who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in a non-science discipline and are now seeking a postbaccalaureate program that will help them complete the required basic core courses for pre-medical and other allied health professions admission.
By this time he had made up his mind to be a scientist, and, when asked at the interview for admission into the premedical course 'Why do you want to be a doctor?
In premedical group (women) Noor Fatima and Mashaid Fatima were at top while Rubab Sana daughter of Munir Ahmed and Umaima Fatima daughter of Ahmed Nasir remained at second and third position respectivlely.
In premedical group (women), Noor Fatima, and Mashaid Fatima were at top while Rubab Sana daughter of Munir Ahmed and Umaima Fatima daughter of Ahmed Nasir remained at second and third position, respectivlely.
Initially Vyapam was supposed to conduct only premedical entrance tests for admissions into state medical colleges.
The third part is based on my premedical studies in university--physics and electronics: the use of tuned focused pulsating electromagnetic fields enhancing immunity and the lymphatic system and balancing the nervous system by tapping into cellular communication pathways.
Additionally, the sample size was small, and the participants in this study were not representative of the typical premedical student population.
As part of the AP's continual commitment to best practices, the hospital portion of their internships is observation only, following the Association of American Medical Colleges guidelines for premedical students abroad.
She is very passionate about improving the sexual and reproductive health of women and will be attending Georgetown University's Post Baccalaureate Premedical program this upcoming fall; she hopes to become an OB/GYN.
Prasad is accused of getting his daughter crack the premedical test fraudulently.
Contract award: arranging and conducting of the meeting premedical checkups msa limousin.
Premedical Conference at Vanderbilt works to recruit underrepresented minorities to its medical school, and the institution's annual lecture on diversity in medical education is also named for him.