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Of, relating to, or occurring in the period just before menstruation.

pre·men′stru·al·ly adv.


(Physiology) in a premenstrual manner
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The first was an open study of 1600 women who had cyclic mastalgia premenstrually.
Women studied in China, India and Hong Kong either don't report negative moods premenstrually or don't attribute them to PMS, Ussher said.
This category is more likely to occur years after the onset of menarche and can occur premenstrually as well as during menstruation.
The same approach can be helpful for women who report heightened anxiety premenstrually, she said.
Therefore, although it is not listed as its own disorder (it no longer has its own numerical diagnostic code), women can easily be pathologized as premenstrually mentally ill, simply by being given the codified diagnosis of Depressive Disorder NOS.
Female hormones also have an effect - you may get drunk quicker premenstrually and mid-cycle during ovulation.
For example, some women find that hormonal fluctuations may affect how certain medications work or increase their need for medication: headaches experienced premenstrually, for instance, may increase a woman's use of pain relievers.
The patient's history of dizziness beginning shortly after childbirth and becoming worse premenstrually, as well as the CT findings of otosclerosis, are consistent with a diagnosis of otosclerosis.
Diagnosing PMDD is complicated when women who present with PMDD also have a history of mood, personality and anxiety disorders, substance abuse and exacerbated symptoms of ongoing mood disorders premenstrually (Breaux et al.
Approximately 50% of subjects reported that their fluid retention was a premenstrually exacerbated condition, and the vast majority had been suffering from the problem for longer than 2 years.
Trichologist Philip Kingsley says that not only does oil production increase premenstrually but: "Many women feel more stress and this increases sweat production.