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Of or happening in the time before the millennium.

pre′mil·len′ni·al·ly adv.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to the period preceding the millennium


(ˌpri mɪˈlɛn i əl)

of or pertaining to the period preceding the millennium.
pre`mil•len′ni•al•ly, adv.
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But a man who whittles out of the Bible what it has to say about baptism, the Lord's Supper, New Testament churches and their polity and other distinctive Baptist doctrines is as much a whittler of the Word of God as a man who cuts out the Genesis account of creation or the premillennial coming of the Lord Jesus.
Homes, it was a lightning bolt of an exhibition, one that struck something deep in the culture, all late-'90s ambivalence and premillennial ennui.
the end of time known as the pretribulational, premillennial return of
Fundamentalist leaders interpreted Zionism through premillennial dispensationalist theology, but only in the late 1950s did they begin taking active steps to embrace Jews and ensure the fulfillment of prophecy by supporting the State of Israel.
Jewish symbols like the Magen David that appeared on the materials of much missionary literature reinforced the continuity of the identity "Jewish" in the eyes of premillennial Protestants.
The Dispensational Premillennial view of Biblical prophecy promoted by the Scofield Reference Bible, is the glue that holds this alliance together.
Blackstone was a premillennial dispensational Christian evangelist and missionary.
Likewise, current attitudes are not sufficiently explained by appeals either to 19th-century premillennial dispensationalism--the progenitor of both rapture theology and Protestant fundamentalism--or 20th-century theologies of Jewish-Christian relations developed after the Shoah.
Duke's iPod experiment caused a ruckus because many people are stuck in a premillennial mindset that masks an 800-pound gorilla of a game changer in their midst, the author contends.
99) LeTourneau's anticommunist harangues, welfare capitalism, and bitter opposition to unions, though inflected with premillennial anticipation of a one-world government, aligned him with business ideologies that preceded the New Deal.
Moreover, he observes that "when churches split over premillennial, postmillennial, and amillennial interpretations of the book, [they] generally missed [its] discipleship mandate" (24).
Another perspective that amounts to a rejection of the dominion mandate is the stereotypical ecological attitude ascribed to the premillennial evangelical.