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The doctrine that Jesus's Second Coming will immediately precede the millennium.

pre′mil·len′ni·al·ist n.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) the doctrine or belief that the millennium will be preceded by the Second Coming of Christ
ˌpremilˈlennialist n


(ˌpri mɪˈlɛn i əˌlɪz əm)

the doctrine or belief that the Second Coming of Christ will precede the millennium.
pre`mil•len′ni•al•ist, n.


the belief that the second coming of Christ will usher in the millennium. — premillennialist, n.premillennian, adj.
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The text revealed a significant ideological source of Urbana's focus on internationalism absent from Glasser's speeches: eschatology, specifically, the dispensational premillennialist belief that the "Anti-Christ would usher in a one-world government prior to the Second Coming.
Besides the premillennialist eschatology, which disourages the attempts to make the earth a better world through political means and efforts, the withdrawal mentality of a significant segment of European Pentecostalism can be explained through the historical, social, political and religious context.
7) More specifically, Aberhart and his Bible Institute followers were dispensationalists and emphasized a premillennialist expectation of Christ's imminent return.
7) The increase resulted from a combination of the rise of premillennialist theology, which emphasized the role of Jews in the end times, and the growing numbers of working-class Jewish immigrants, who were the most responsive to the missions, even if it was only out of curiosity or a desire for assistance.
The evangelical premillennialist view that has considered the Jews to be the Chosen People has also served to offer justification for maintaining Jewish identity, customs, and symbols.
Dispensationalism shares this premillennialist view of the world.
Notwithstanding his premillennialist pessimism about an inexorably deteriorating world, he thrilled to the seemingly unlimited power of manufacturing.
Pfister seems to take for granted that Messianic Jews will have to fit in a premillennialist eschatology with its rapture scheme and tribulational views.
Waller, "Christ's Second Coming: Christina Rossetti and the Premillennialist William Dodsworth," Bulletin of the New York Public Library 73 (1969): 465.
According to Yaakov Ariel, such missions "advocated a premillennialist messianic theology and emphasized the central role of the Jews in the divine program for the End Times.
After some probing questions about whether I was a pretribulational premillennialist, a postmillennialist, or just an a millennialist, he popped the inevitable question: "Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior?