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the majority of (the) girls); (ii) constructions which are premodified (e.
Formally, the constructional template consists of a lexically open adjectival head premodified by the degree modifier too, which serves as what Paradis (2000: 149) calls a booster.
In terms of Stefanowitsch and Gries (2003), then, there is a reason for deep and water to be treated as collexemes in the preposition + premodified noun construction, i.
Is it possible that the premodified fluke terms recorded in the national resources (they are less common in the regional and local equivalents) represented the idioms of a small number of speakers rather than that of dialects as a whole?
Further, he posits that of the three possible types of input unmodified, premodified (i.
With this in mind, organic wastes in premodified granulated form were added in the coking chambers for example in Poland (Zmuda and Minkina, 1999).
In this case, the head of the noun phrase corresponds to a collocate of wireless being premodified by another noun or an adjective at the same time.
In the present study, the nanosilica which was not premodified was employed to prepare PBT/silica nanocomposites by in situ polymerization, which would avoid the decomposition of surfactants.
Note, however, that in this experimental study a long possessor was invariably defined by being premodified by 2 elements, a determiner and an adjective, as in the dark man's hand.
All these words are premodified or postmodified by clauses referring to particular topics of study, thus leading to partially generic headings like Results for the visual search task in JHCS1; General problems of modelling visual attention in AI3; and The linear arrangement problem in WN2.
Furthermore, most nouns can be premodified, postmodified, or both pre- and postmodified.