(priˈnu kli ər, -ˈnyu-; by metathesis -kyə lər)

of or pertaining to the era before the development of nuclear weapons.
pron: See nuclear.
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Trauma to the prenuclear vestibular input to the ocular motor nuclei results in vertical or oblique misalignment of the eyes (skew deviation).
As we know all too well, there is no going back to prenuclear times now that the genie is loose.
If simple peak accents in prenuclear position were taken into account for the determination of focus structure, the rules of the AS approach would predict conflicting syntactic analyses for the examples (39) and (40) because each accent would mark a separate focus domain.
A detailed investigation of such nuclei revealed that the low accentuation can spread to prenuclear position, and consequently several patterns emerged depending on where in the utterance the low accentuation first occurred.
However, if more than one complement exists, then the nonadjacent complement receives a prenuclear accent and the adjacent one becomes the focus exponent.
Hat contour 1 consists of a high prenuclear pitch accent H* followed by a nuclear falling pitch accent H*L.
Prenuclear accentual patterns are attributed to rhythmical principles and, therefore, do not bear any relation to the informational status of constituents.
Stability of tonal alignment: the case of Greek prenuclear accents.
Willis (2001) reports, in a separate experiment designed to test the effect of contrastive focus, that a prenuclear deaccented tonal plateau is relatively common in Mexican Spanish spoken in Puebla, Mexico.
Another potentially controversial aspect of Sosa' s study is the analysis of prenuclear pitch accents in unmarked declarative sentences.