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also pre·op  (prē′ŏp′)Informal
Preoperative: pre-op testing; a pre-op patient.
1. A preoperative patient.
2. A section of a hospital providing preoperative treatment.


or pre-op


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blinkx, the world's largest video search engine, today announced new partnerships with the NBC Digital Health Network, icyou, and PreOp.
No longer do we remove fat without preop analysis or merely lift the cheek; we must now lift and fill the face to restore a natural, youthful, and unoperated appearance.
I have noticed that there's a dramatic reduction in postoperative pain and swelling and a reduced need for opioid narcotics postoperatively when I preop the patients with Traumeel orally and then inject the Traumeel at the end of the procedure in the operative theater.
I was at the bedside the evening my father's cardiac surgeon made his preop visit.
Comedy about a preop transsexual who discovers an affair many years earlier had spawned a child.
To bariatric and other residents, Andover Village offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy; dietary education; psychological and group support services; preop and postop care; and discharge planning.
The preop and postop clinical documentation modules went live in November because they involved the same nurses and the same physical area in the hospital.
The reason why I got upset about the tranny chaser question is this: The term tranny chaser usually refers to someone who likes preop (i.
A new seven-day blood bank preop extension was put into place for patients not transfused or pregnant within the last three months.
Continue testing for 40 min thereafter Brain Imaging Rationale Timing MRI For identification of any Preop + 1 week complications not detected postop clinically and to allow accurate reporting of graft placement Fluorodopa For assessment of survival and Preop + 6 and PET(e) growth of grafted dopamine-rich 12 months tissue postop
He considers thorough patient counseling critical for success, and says, "A patient who has realistic expectations preop will adapt and recover much more quickly post-op.