Occurring before the orbit, as of an artificial satellite, has been established.
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The mesial margin runs from the preorbital angle to the postorbital angle and is hollowed dorsally by the lateropremesial depression.
Preorbital spine was lacking and a single preocular spine obscure in large adults.
1 & 2); the anterorbitary condyles are posterolateral; in the anterior margin of the nasal capsules an outline of the rostral cartilage occurs; the anterior foramina of the preorbital chanel are in the posteromedial region of the nasal capsules, between the anterior region of the preorbital process and the fontanelle; preorbital processes are triangle-shaped, and located on the posterior part of nasal capsules.
Then I put some Smokey's Preorbital Gland lure on an overhanging branch 23 yards from my stand to further entice bucks to go a bit out of their way to get to the bedding area.
reported on two cases of BCC that developed and invaded the preorbital and lacrimal region.
Cephalic neuromasts: supraorbital 16-19, parietal 3-4, anterior rostral 1, posterior rostral 1, infraorbital 18-22, preorbital 1-2, otic 1-6, postotic 2-3, supratemporal 1, median opercular 1, ventral opercular 2, preopercular 18-23, mandibular 10-14, lateral mandibular 3-5.
At necropsy, a 2 x 2 x 3-cm firm, tan, friable, space-occupying mass surrounded by a thick exudate was present in the left preorbital diverticulum of the infraorbital sinus.
Code Blue's Rack Rub-Licking Branch Gel is a forehead gland and preorbital scent for stimulating rub activity that is effective all season long.
These calls serve as a challenge to another buck, and are often accompanied by aggressive postures such as having the ears pinned back, flared preorbital glands, erect hair and a stiff-legged, sideways walk.
Nightmare is a scrape scent including preorbital glade secretions that spark curiosity year round.
Diagnosis: A large hipparion with tridactyl feet and deep preorbital facial fossa separated from the orbit by a relatively wide preorbital bar, fossa deeply pocketed posteriorly, medially deep and with a well defined continues peripheral border including the anterior rum, cheek teeth complexly ornamented with thickly banded fossette plications and bifid to trifid plicaballins, protocones distinctly flattened lingually and rounded labially, hypoglyphs deeply incised, P2 anterostyle elongate (Colbert, 1935; Ghaffar, 2005).