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 (prĭ-păr′ə-tĭv, -pâr′-)
Serving or tending to prepare or make ready; preliminary.
Something that prepares for or acts as a preliminary to something following.

pre·par′a·tive·ly adv.


serving to prepare; preparatory
something that prepares
preˈparatively adv


(prɪˈpær ə tɪv, -ˈpɛər-)

1. preparatory.
2. something that prepares; preparation.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Middle French < Medieval Latin]
pre•par′a•tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.preparative - preceding and preparing for something; "preparatory steps"
preceding - existing or coming before
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But almost everybody supposed that this particular preparative heedfulness in Ahab must only be with a view to the ultimate chase of Moby Dick; for he had already revealed his intention to hunt that mortal monster in person.
He had been clearing his head with a lotion of cold water, as a good preparative to providing hot water for the heads of the jury, and had been reading with the neck of his shirt thrown wide open that he might the more freely choke the opposite witnesses.
She was not aware of it, however, any more than she was aware that her desire that Martin take a position was the instinctive and preparative impulse of motherhood.
Centrifugation allows pelleting or fractionation of biological samples in many experiments, ranging from a preparative step for purification of proteins, isolation of microorganisms, DNA, metabolites and sub-cellular structures (e.
6 and 5 pm particle sizes that enable easy method transfer between analytical HPLC/UHPLC instrumentation and preparative purifications systems.
Preparative meetings will commence on July 20, said Al-Khudair, adding that the meetings will involve officials of the Economic and Social Council, permanent representatives and foreign ministers.
7 pm will also be released), Kinetex EVO C18 columns deliver the performance advantages of Core-Shell Technology for HPLC and preparative HPLC separations under mobile phase conditions--low, neutral or high pH--making them a suitable addition to a lab's LC column portfolio.
Memon told Indian news agency ANI, "A mere invitation to the Hurriyat leaders, one does not know what would be the agenda or the nature of talks, it is preparative to talk to the people, as they feel this would be instrumental in their own interests.
BUCHI's PrepChrom C-700 chromatography system combines flash chromatography with preparative HPLC.
This two-volume set details the main preparative stereoselective methods for the synthesis of chiral drugs and natural products, as well as the application of modern analytical methods and separation techniques for analysis, isolation, and chiral separation, with emphasis on recent advances.
New Prochrom[R] -Bio M columns result from the company's 25 years of experience in developing, supplying and operating downstream processes using preparative and process-scale high-performance and low-pressure chromatography columns.
The Pippin Prep is designed to automate preparative gel electrophoresis for the creation of DNA sequencing libraries.

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