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 (prĭ-păr′ə-tĭv, -pâr′-)
Serving or tending to prepare or make ready; preliminary.
Something that prepares for or acts as a preliminary to something following.

pre·par′a·tive·ly adv.
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Biochemical characterization of the three major subclasses of lipoprotein A-I preparatively isolated from human plasma.
9) And no less a "spiritist" than John Cotton acknowledged that the Spirit works preparatively upon the unconverted, first by binding them "under the sense of [divine] wrath unto fear of Damnation" and then--having come as an "earthquake" to press them "down to the nethermost hell"--by requiring them to experience a "burning" and "blasting" of the "iron" heart's "fleshly" piety, a renunciation of "false confidence" in "legal" deeds.
The catalytic activity of the complex with ligand A1 was considerably higher than that of the Sharpless complex that enables to get satisfactory conversions with all substrates already at -20[degrees]C and to reach preparatively acceptable isolated yields also for the less reactive ketone 7.
The microsystem we have developed thus enriches and preconcentrates DNA from maternal plasma samples and then preparatively separates the concentrated DNA molecules by size, thereby facilitating the recovery of DNA for sub sequent analyses.
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