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Relating to or used as a preposition.

prep′o·si′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.prepositional - of or relating to or formed with a preposition; "prepositional phrase"
linguistics - the scientific study of language
مُتَضَمِّن حَرْف الجَر
edatla ilgiliedatlı


[ˌprepəˈzɪʃənl] ADJpreposicional


adjpräpositional; prepositional phrasePräpositionalphrase f


(prepəˈziʃən) noun
a word put before a noun or pronoun to show how it is related to another word. through the window; in the garden; written by me.
ˌprepoˈsitional adjective
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Year 4: Understand that the meaning of sentences can be enriched through the use of noun groups/phrases and verb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases (ACELA1493)
In the marked linking, it is now the y argument (goal) in the LS that will be encoded as a direct object, a circumstance that triggers the encoding of z (theme) as an oblique core prepositional argument introduced by the preposition with, according to the RRG rule for prepositional marking which states that if the most-right potential argument is not selected as undergoer, then it has to be marked by with: "Assign with to non-MR b argument if, given two arguments, a and b, in a logical structure, with (1) both as possible candidates for a particular macrorole and (2) a is equal or higher (to the left of b) on the AUH, b is not selected as that macrorole" (Van Valin 2005, 114).
Topics discussed include happening of self-knowledge due to the operation of inner sense, possibility of prepositional attitudes such as desire and intention explored by philosophers, and problem created due to assuming that expressivism with respect to utterances of a form is correct.
It is important to mention that, although they basically denote activities, these verbs can denote accomplishments (11) when combined with noun phrases or with prepositional phrases indicating an ending point/telus: o atleta correu 5 km 'the athlete ran 5 km'/ Joao caminhou ate o trabalho 'Joao walked until work'.
Where are the prepositional niceties of yesteryear?
For example, hula hoops were used in a language arts lesson to teach prepositional phrases, and yoga poses were used to teach angles in math.
In the forty chapters, the book covers the most important elements of Swahili morphosyntax, including a separate chapter for each Swahili verb form: passive, stative, causative, prepositional, and reciprocal (which the book's blurb somewhat inaccurately describes as 'various verb typologies'); basic tenses (present, past, future); conditional tenses (nge, ngali and -ki-), as well as the -ka tense, which is unique to Swahili and Bantu languages; and the subjunctive tense/mood.
Viewing the just war tradition as the best available framework for reflecting on the morality of war, Eberle aims to "provide a conceptual and prepositional resource that citizens, soldiers, and statesmen can employ as an aid to moral formation.
To sum up our discussion so far, it appears that while some herb names are clearly compounds (especially noun-noun compounds), the status of many others--in particular of those whose modifiers are adjectives, prepositional phrases or genitive constructions--is questionable.
This adverbial clause is obviously very long and intricately complicated with several prepositional phrases, and present and past participle phrases as modifiers.
We make four very common errors: subject-verb agreement, gender-benders, proper prepositional phrases, and wrong usage of words, mostly due to Filipinisms, or English words we use differently.