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Before a meal, especially dinner: took a preprandial walk in the woods.


of or relating to the period immediately before lunch or dinner: enjoy a preprandial drink.


(priˈpræn di əl)

appropriate to the period just before dinner.
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Adj.1.preprandial - preceding a meal (especially dinner); "a preprandial drink"
postprandial - following a meal (especially dinner); "his postprandial cigar"; "took a postprandial walk"
präprandialvor dem Essen
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Served in a satisfyingly huge glass with just the right amount of ice, it quenched my preprandial thirst and kept me going right through to dessert.
If something is preprandial, it is done or taken before what?
Por otro lado, el control durante y despues del ejercicio puede requerir la ingesta de hidratos de carbono o la disminucion de la insulina basal o del bolo preprandial para disminuir el riesgo de hipoglucemia (1).
In pregnant women with gestational diabetes, the consensus was to test fasting and 1 hour postprandial if patients were not receiving insulin, and to test fasting, preprandial, and 1 hour postprandial in those receiving insulin.
Most hospital policy calls for fasting and preprandial testing with sliding scale insulin based on the patient's blood glucose readings.
Calculating MAGE or SD from CGM measurements is not feasible for routine clinical practice, but a number of approaches that could be amenable to routine clinical practice have been suggested to assess glucose variability such as a one-hour OGTT [5] and four-point preprandial self-monitoring of blood glucose [6].
The measures of postprandial glucose may be useful to evaluate the metabolic control while the values of Hb1ac are increased in the presence of appropriate values of preprandial glucose (SARTORELLI, CARDOSO, 2006).
15] in their study on twins though found no significant difference in preprandial BLESP in symptomatic versus asymptomatic subjects but found significantly lower postprandial BLESP in symptomatic versus asymptomatic twins with no difference in peristaltic amplitude, LES length, or transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxation (tLESR).
This can be increased by titrating prandial insulin by 1 unit/d to a goal of either a 90-minute to 2-hour postprandial glucose of <140 to 180 mg/dL or the next preprandial glucose of <130 mg/dL.
sup][5] reported that adjustment of insulin therapy in women with GDM according to the results of postprandial has a better outcome than preprandial.
3 ALT (U/L) 90 62 AST (U/L) 90 83 ALP (U/L) >1500 349 GGT (U/L) 40 13 Preprandial serum bile 22.
It is now recommended that hospitalized diabetic patients who are not critically ill should receive basal insulin along with scheduled preprandial doses of rapidacting insulin and additional supplemental rapidacting insulin to correct premeal .