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Before a meal, especially dinner: took a preprandial walk in the woods.


of or relating to the period immediately before lunch or dinner: enjoy a preprandial drink.


(priˈpræn di əl)

appropriate to the period just before dinner.
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Adj.1.preprandial - preceding a meal (especially dinner); "a preprandial drink"
postprandial - following a meal (especially dinner); "his postprandial cigar"; "took a postprandial walk"
präprandialvor dem Essen
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Although many endocrinologists recommend preprandial glucose testing for nonpregnant individuals, the advantages of postprandial testing in GDM were demonstrated in a randomized trial comparing preprandial glucose testing 3 times daily with fasting and postprandial glucose measurement 3 times daily in women with GDM who required insulin (35).
2010) observed that a strong negative relationship between preprandial rumen pH and concentration of LPS in the rumen fluid.
Consideration of insulin scores may be relevant to the dietary management and pathogenesis of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia and may help increase the accuracy of estimating preprandial insulin requirements.
We have shown that the glucose excursion after ingesting up to 4C (60g carbohydrate) can be limited by preprandial subcutaneous insulin using fixed insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios and that the slope of the curve is more linear in this range.
A role for glucose and insulin preprandial profiles to differentiate meals and snacks.
Although it is the perfect time for a preprandial stroll, we're alone on the palmfringed path between the towering stone fortifications and the reconstructed Palace of the Grand Masters.
A significant drop from months 1 to 12 was seen in preprandial to postprandial glucose excursions at all meals in the structured SMBG group.
After rehearsing this bit of jurisprudential precedent to his end, the author gloats over the fact that the other service academies fell into line and discontinued the practice of preprandial prayer.
Three courses each - plus a couple of beers, three coffees and a preprandial basket of Maison Mayci's tremendous breads - set me back less than pounds 75.
Preprandial exercise increased fat oxidation after each meal similarly in lean and obese individuals, however obese individuals demonstrated higher insulin levels for a greater period of time after meal intake.