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 (prē-prŏs′ĕs′, -prō′sĕs′)
tr.v. pre·proc·essed, pre·proc·ess·ing, pre·proc·ess·es
To perform preliminary processing on (data, for example).

pre·proc′es·sor n.


vb (tr)
(Computer Science) computing to undertake preliminary processing of (data)
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Later many techniques are applied on the preprocessed web logs to make a group for better processing of the web logs.
The preprocessed web log information is properly formatted suitable for applying the pattern discovery algorithms.
Specifically, I sent a test file to Microsoft (for VC-1) and On2 (for VP6), and each company preprocessed and encoded the clip to a standard set of parameters using their own tools and compression settings.
Upon receiving a preprocessed image, the ART system puts it through several steps.
Take two preprocessed pictures of similar mountains, for example, except that one has a crater in the middle.
We plan to structure our testing to further identify strategies to increase preprocessed feedstock bulk densities and to determine the drying capacity of the equipment, all critical elements in cellulosic ethanol production.
From the biological retina, preprocessed signals travel to deeper areas of the visual system via ganglion cells whose axons comprise the optic nerves.
The K-1 performs splicing at the MPEG level, which enables seamless frame accurate splicing on preprocessed streams and seamless near frame accurate splicing on unprocessed streams.
To optimize turnaround, various preprocessed data are being transmitted from the vessel to the Geco-Prakla hub at Gatwick, UK, via a high-speed satellite link, for quality checks, further analysis and processing.
Profiles and activity information collected by USM agents are then preprocessed into value-added "actionable" data.