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The period of life immediately before puberty, often marked by accelerated physical growth.

pre·pu′ber·tal, pre·pu′ber·al (-bər-əl) adj.


(Biology) the two or three-year period before the onset of puberty
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Noun1.prepuberty - a period of two years immediately prior to the onset of puberty when growth and changes leading to sexual maturity occur
time of life - a period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state
childhood - the time of person's life when they are a child
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3) Although my focus is on very young teenagers and I am aware of the crucial differences between (prepubescent) childhood "proper" and adolescence, the very few instances in which I use the term "childhood" in this article, I do it in its broader sense as defined by UNICEF and further conceptualized by Rocha and Seminet (3), encompassing prepuberty, puberty and teenagers (pubescent and postpubescent "children").
The transition from prepuberty to early puberty is a period of increased bone adaptation to mechanical loading due to the velocity of bone growth and endocrine changes at this time period (Hind and Burrows, 2007).
Our Russian Children's Study is one of the few prospective cohort studies to follow boys from prepuberty to sexual maturity with annual physician assessments of puberty using both Tanner staging and measurement of testicular volume, a more precise assessment than visual inspection (Biro et al.
Biologically, she may have been in prepuberty, which can increase emotional reactivity.
But it clarifies that the urgency is not applicable to the prepuberty or childhood stage.
Bovine colostrum promotes healing and exerts the anti-aging effect by increasing IGF-1 to prepuberty levels, thereby increasing muscle mass and strength.
As with all livestock increased protein diets 10 to 14pc and sufficient calories during the prepuberty period yield higher growth rates and larger size than lower protein rates and limited calories.
Carskadon has demonstrated that, while the adolescent brain is more capable at staying awake later in the day, it still requires the same amount of sleep as it did during prepuberty.
5) Miscellaneous causes like increase in prevalence of diabetes mellitus, younger age of sexual contact, prepuberty etc.
Transfer from prepuberty to puberty: effects of three years of training.
Decreased spermatogenic and androgenic testicular functions in adult rats submitted to immobilization- induced stress from prepuberty.