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n. pl pre·pu·pae (-pē) or pre·pu·pas
A larval insect in the stage just preceding pupation.

pre·pu′pal adj.


(Zoology) an insect between the larval and pupal stages of development
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2006), that is an infectious, highly contagious, cosmopolitan disease affecting mainly prepupa stage (Shimanuki et al, 1992).
The skin of prepupa fattens and hardens into a seed-like dark case as the prepupa transforms to the pupa and drops to the ground on vegetation or snow.
The prepupa and pupa developed more rapidly on snap bean than on the other 3 leguminous vegetables.
This corresponded to 40 h for the egg and 119 h = 25, 28, 32 and 34 h for the 1st through 4th larval instar, respectively, 24 h for the prepupa and 120 h for the pupa.
Dec 2008 and 2009: A) external view of the hole produced by the larva; B) larva exiting; C and D) prepupa.