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n. pl pre·pu·pae (-pē) or pre·pu·pas
A larval insect in the stage just preceding pupation.

pre·pu′pal adj.


(Zoology) of the period between the larval and pupal stages
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Adj.1.prepupal - of an inactive stage in the development of some insects, between the larval and the pupal stages; "the prepupal stage"
immature - not yet mature
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usitatus on suitable food was mainly due to the rapid development of the larval stages, but the non-feeding prepupal and pupal stages also experienced reduced developmental times (Table 1).
After the fourth molt (males) or fifth molt (females), larvae drop to the soil and spin cocoons, enter prepupal diapause (Knerer and Atwood, 1973), then pupate, and remain buried until autumn (McGregor and Sandin, 1968).
A Kunitz-type protease inhibitor related protein is synthesized in Drosophila prepupal salivary glands and released into the moulting fluid during pupation.
The development of newly hatched larvae was monitored on fresh host plant cultivars foliages, which renewed every day until they dead or reached the prepupal stage.
The DNA puff gene BhC4-1 of Bradysia hygida is specifically transcribed in early prepupal salivary glands of Drosophila melanogaster.
The fourth-instar larval form was selected because it is the last prepupal instar, with the highest survival rate among all the larval instars and the lowest likelihood of being consumed by a predator because of its maximum size.
All insects contain stable microscopic gaseous bodies, which oscillate under the influx of ultrasound, generating micro streams in the adjacent tissues that are responsible for the effects observed in many studies with eggs, larval, and prepupal stages (Kenneth 1988).