Prerogative Court

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(Eng. Law) a court which formerly had authority in the matter of wills and administrations, where the deceased left bona notabilia, or effects of the value of five pounds, in two or more different dioceses.

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There were a great many bundles of papers on it, some endorsed as Allegations, and some (to my surprise) as Libels, and some as being in the Consistory Court, and some in the Arches Court, and some in the Prerogative Court, and some in the Admiralty Court, and some in the Delegates' Court; giving me occasion to wonder much, how many Courts there might be in the gross, and how long it would take to understand them all.
The final chapter, "Theatre of the Courtroom," is perhaps the books most compelling, surveying the structure of Stuart common law and prerogative courts and highlighting the shared roots in persuasive oratory of both legal proceedings and the stage.
When kings exercised prerogative power, though, they expected deference from judges, both to their own decrees and to the holdings and interpretations of their extra-legal prerogative courts.