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1. present.
2. presidency.
3. president.


ABBR =PresidentPresidente/a m/f


abbr of presidentPräs.
References in classic literature ?
Germain des Pres, in 1641, I have kept the accounts of the society.
je les ai fait prisonnieres pres de l'autre fort, et je les conduis au general.
In 2015, the Energy Regulatory Commission approved MERALCOs PRES program called Kuryente Load (KLoad), by which consumers are now able to monitor and control the consumption of their electric appliances and devices to fit their budget, thus saving money, too.
Gestational age was found significantly associated with PRES (p less than 0.
Yanchunis of Morgan & Morgan Complex Litigation Group represented the class action plaintiffs and asked the court to direct the cy pres award to the Foundation.
PRES is being commercially phased-in on voluntary basis.
PRES is a neurotoxic state associated with a unique pattern of brain vasogenic edema seen on CT or MRI.
The collaboration is aimed at the delivery of energy management system solutions for PRES Energy customers nationwide.
Because technology is changing so fast and the information is out there, we have to make sure that just because we can do something, doesn't mean we do do something," Pres.
Dans un communique parvenu vendredi a la MAP, le ministere charge des Marocains residant a l'etranger precise que les arrives par voie aerienne ont progresse de 18 pc et la voie maritime de pres de 13 pc, alors que les passagers terrestres ont augmente de pres de 11 pc.
As reported by Gao, serum LDH was found to increase in different series of patients with PRES associated to eclampsia, sepsis, critical illness cancer therapy and other conditions.