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a. presacro, frente al sacro.
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In addition to tailgut cysts, other differential diagnoses that should be considered when a presacral mass is discovered include epidermoid cyst, dermoid cyst, endometrioma, rectal duplication cyst, anal gland cyst, and anterior meningocele.
By providing hands-on experience, surgeons are able to develop practical techniques with a focus on lateral and presacral fusion approaches as well as decompression with the iO-Flex microblade shaver.
In type I, the tumor is entirely outside, sometimes attached to the body only by a narrow stalk; in type II, it is mostly outside; in type III, it is mostly inside; and in type IV, it is entirely inside (also known as a presacral teratoma or retrorectal teratoma).
When I examined it, the specimen consisted of the pelvis and thighs, a few caudal vertebrae, and a partial presacral vertebral column extending into the cervical series.
Cultures of presacral fluid revealed a polymicrobial flora including Escherichia Coli, Enterococcus, Bacillus species and Eikenella Corrodens.
Case studies and innovative approaches like transforaminal lumbar interbody, extreme lateral, presacral, and mini-anterior techniques are included, as well as interspinous device technology.
14) Presacral neurectomy involves interruption of the sympathetic supply to the uterus at the level of the superior hypogastric plexus and is associated with an increased risk of bleeding.
Instrument articulation, three-dimensional vision, tremor reduction, and improved ergonomics for the surgeon all make managing the mesh and intracor-poreal suturing--as well as dissecting in the rectovaginal and presacral spaces--so much easier than would be the case with a standard laparoscopic approach.
Mobilisation of the rectum was also done in most patients, whereby the peritoneum medial to the rectum was opened, followed by exploration of the presacral space and anterior mobilisation of the rectum.