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 (prĕz′bĭ-tîr′ē-əl, prĕs′-)
Of or relating to a presbyter or the presbytery.

pres′by·te′ri·al·ly adv.


(Protestantism) of or relating to a presbyter or presbytery. Also: presbyteral
ˌpresbyˈterially adv


(ˌprɛz bɪˈtɪər i əl, ˌprɛs-)

1. of or pertaining to a presbytery.
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Guild members are friends are also invited to the Guild Presbyterial Council meeting in St.
Also on Wednesday, the Guild Presbyterial Council Rally takes place in Stow Brae Kirk at 7.
Presbyterial council convener Helen Teenan reiterated the welcome and led the service.
5) Richard Bancroft, Daungerous Positions and Proceedings, Published and Practised within this Hand of Britaine, under Pretense of Reformation, and for the Presbyterial Discipline (London: John Wolfe, 1593) [STC 2nd 1344.
active in Sarnia Presbyterial and was a nurse for years at Camp Kintail.
He has judicial experience as one of the Judges of the Courts of Appeal of Guernsey and Jersey since 2005 and in chairing Presbyterial Commissions of the Church of Scotland since 2001.
Moreover, the democratic nature of the presbyterial structure was a model for the Coptic Majlis al-Milli which gave lay people a role in church affairs, and the philanthropic bent of missionary work helped set the foundation for the Coptic Church's social welfare programs.
Bishop McManus accepted the committee's recommendation and it was ratified Tuesday by the Presbyterial Council.
In our merger we adopted both congregational and presbyterial forms of governance, seen in our systems to call pastors but also to confer credentials upon them--but our congregations remain at the centre of our church in both liturgical and missional life.
62) His work on this theme, Hieraspistes, argued for the preservation of the episcopate; Gauden stressed that the 'ancient and Catholick Government of Godly Bishops' conformed to ancient presbyterial standards of Church government.
The hearing before the Church of Scotland's Presbyterial Commission was rescheduled for this month.
No, he gathered the presbyterial (priests') council--some of whom were appointed by him--at his residence, intimidated them into issuing a white-washed statement that was read not by a representative of the council but by Cardinal Egan's personal spokesperson, Joe Zwilling.