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tr.v. pre·screened, pre·screen·ing, pre·screens
1. To view (a movie) before release for public showing.
2. To examine or interview before further selection processes occur: prescreen applicants for interviews.


vb (tr)
(Film) to screen (a film) in advance



to screen in advance; select before a more detailed selecting process.
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This provides dealers with easy access to prescreened offers, without having to collect, handle or store their consumer key identifiers, reducing data security risk.
Some survey research companies and researchers will add those prescreened numbers back when estimating the proportion of phone numbers of unknown eligibility that are assumed to be eligible.
The Hire Fair, which differed from a traditional job fair, provided specific paths for prescreened candidates with healthcare education and offered the opportunity for same-day, onsite interviews and in some cases offers extended.
For example, customers who come into a branch location to open savings or demand deposit accounts (DDA) have a high propensity to accept an instantly prescreened credit product that is offered to them in real time, says Lindeen.
Foreign educated nurses are required to be prescreened and certified as part of the temporary or permanent occupational visa application process, as detailed in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.
This may well be why, starting September 2004, new Ministry of Health guidelines permitted the abortion drug, RU-486, to be self-administered at home to prescreened women (Lifesite, August 9, 2004).
The Federal Reserve Board on May 18, 2004, requested public comment on a Board study and a report to the Congress on prescreened solicitations for credit or insurance.
Officials said that the man had been prescreened and not determined to be an escape risk.
For buyers, Vercera offers one-stop access to a diverse range of prescreened quality receivables at a low customer-acquisition cost.
We suggest a lesbian or gay practitioner for the proper psychic spin, but make sure the expert you choose has been prescreened by you or the recipient.
Verde Energy provides free project consultation from knowledgeable Verde staff and competitive project quotes from prescreened renewable energy professionals throughout the country.
According to the FTC, Equifax sold more than 17,000 prescreened lists of consumers to companies including Direct Lending Source, Inc.