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tr.v. pre·screened, pre·screen·ing, pre·screens
1. To view (a movie) before release for public showing.
2. To examine or interview before further selection processes occur: prescreen applicants for interviews.


vb (tr)
(Film) to screen (a film) in advance



to screen in advance; select before a more detailed selecting process.
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Including the cases that were removed by prescreening in the response rate calculations would likely underestimate the proportion of unknown eligibles that are considered to be eligible, leading to inflated response rates.
The FTC alleged that, in addition to providing the lists to entities without a permissible purpose and having inadequate procedures to prevent this from happening, Equifax failed to properly investigate when it learned Direct Lending was violating Equifax's internal policies on prescreening.
Prescreening consumers at the teller line, online or at the ATM, among other emerging channels including mobile--as opposed to traditional batch, direct mail prescreen offers--provides an opportunity to cross-sell credit products that fit the flavor of today's credit market and the behavior of today's consumer, he notes.
ANA was one of the strongest proponents of the pre-screening provisions of that legislation as part of the association's commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards, and ensuring a prescreening process that works to protect the public safety.
Verified Identity Pass will start accepting passenger applications for its prescreening system, and company officials expect the program to be running at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport by November.
Among its efforts to strengthen aviation security, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is developing a new passenger prescreening system--known as Secure Flight.
Prescreening containers identified as high-risk before they arrive at U.
Marc Arbyn of the Scientific Institute of Public Health in Brussels and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of pooled data on the diagnostic yielding of rapid prescreening of unreported smears.
Prescreening is a way to help families learn whether they may be eligible for food stamp benefits.
We begin by providing the Prescreening, In-depth exploration, Choice (PIG) model's theoretical background and rationale; a more detailed discussion of the theoretical issues presented here can be found in Gati and Asher (2001).
The City Council was to consider the developer's application for a prescreening of its General Plan amendment at Monday's meeting.
The employer can complete a prescreening notice by the day the employee begins work and submit the notice to the designated agency within die first 21 calendar days of the employees employment.