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a. Relating to or making rules, laws, or directions: prescriptive pronouncements.
b. Linguistics Based on or establishing norms or rules indicating how a language should or should not be used rather than describing the ways in which a language is used.
2. Law Of or relating to acquisition or occupancy by prescription.
3. Archaic Sanctioned or authorized by long-standing custom or usage.

pre·scrip′tive·ly adv.
pre·scrip′tive·ness n.
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TED's and BRD's are loosely defined for the Queensland east coast trawl fishery, but are more prescriptively defined for the northern prawn fishery.
4,9,10) The decision analysis presented hi our work allows the physician to prescriptively determine whether the decrease in pain and cramping of cryosurgery with the use of a cervical block is worth the additional costs.
51) Prescriptively, he adds, the resolution of ethics problems demands contextual judgment.
Kincaid's book is prescriptively rich; where the methods of confirmation or explanation used in the social sciences are not those of the natural sciences, Kincaid argues that they ought to be.
In ascribing her behavior to her un-whiteness,(3) the narrator shows he belongs in the long list of characters, whom we encounter so frequently in Faulkner's text--namely, those who consider race a crucial trait which pervades a person's life prescriptively.
Instead of prescriptively "pouring in" knowledge, we should encourage the co-construction of knowledge on cultural relativism by facilitating student-teacher and student-peer dialogues.
Attention now must turn to how the game metaphor in education functions prescriptively and descriptively.
Given that judges prescriptively are directed to attend only to facts and interpretations of the law, they may be less likely than jurors to consider alternative outcomes.
Summarizing, Albert and Whetten (1985) offer the criteria of "claimed central character", "claimed distinctiveness" and "claimed temporal continuity" to prescriptively define an organization's corporate identity.
As Brockhaus (1994) and Carsrud (1994) have both noted, this has resulted in the terrain being staked by a more anecdotally driven and prescriptively oriented practitioner community.
Frizz-Ease was the first system ever developed to prescriptively address each of the very frustrating problems associated with frizzy hair," the spokeswoman says.
The third level is to use the frameworks more prescriptively in action, for practitioners to use them as a basis for action.