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tr.v. pre·se·lect·ed, pre·se·lect·ing, pre·se·lects
To select beforehand, usually according to a specific criterion.

pre′se·lec′tion n.


(Telecommunications) a telephonic system by which a call is automatically routed to a free line
occurring before a selection
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Foundation Galilei Education Group intends maintaining its building-related electrical and mechanical installations European spending through the preselection procedure, the restricted procedure.
Actualites Eecrit par Rachid Lebchir Mondial 2018 : Preselection de l'equipe du Maroc face a la Guinee Equatoriale L' entraineur national des Lions de l'Atlas, Badou Zaki, a devoile, mardi, la liste des 26 joueurs preselections en perspective de la rencontre officielle aux eliminatoires de la Coupe du Monde 2018.
The preselection of investors who submitted an expression of interest began on August 10.
After a strict domestic preselection and selection process, 25 judges from countries including Australia, Canada, China and Japan evaluated and chose samples without knowing their origins.
Fowler, the Commonwealth Games gold medallist, is hoping to be selected by Dolce & Gabbana Italia Thunder and should be given an answer no later than November 25 and he and the rest of the hopefuls underwent preselection medicals this week.
The approach provides for the amendment of the organic law of December 20, 2012, stipulating the creation of the ISIE so as to make the authority legally unimpeachable, and the preselection of 36 candidates of the ISIE from which, later, 9 members of the authority will be selected to reach the official proclamation of the ISIE inauguration.
Le selectionneur Vincent Collet pourrait rappeler Johan Petro (Atlanta) ou faire appel au remplacant de sa preselection, le jeune Rudy Gobert (21 ans), a condition qu'il soit libere par les Utah Jazz oE il vient d'atterrir apres la draft NBA.
Le ministere de l'Education nationale precise, dans un communique, qu'il a procede a la selection d'eleves ayant un excellent niveau en mathematiques, choisis parmi les meilleurs des jeunes mathematiciens marocains a travers l'organisation de concours de preselection dans toutes les regions du Royaume dans le cadre d'une premiere etape, suivie de trois stages d'encadrement au niveau central lors de la deuxieme etape.
The contribution of AfricAvenir, an official partner to the festival, has been, amongst others, contacting film-makers to submit their films, the preselection of films, suggesting and making contacts to selection committees, jury members, and workshop participants.
Sydney, July 11(ANI): Former Australian rugby league halfback Steve Mortimer has nominated former Prime Minister John Howard for preselection as the inaugural leader of rugby league's independent commission.
It started in 1988 with four German chemical companies that called their new regime CAMPUS, for Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards.
Its website claims: "Approximately 75-80 per cent of the couples participating in gender preselection have a baby of their chosen gender.