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abbreviation for
1. (Art Terms) (in Britain) Institute of Contemporary Arts
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) International Cooperation Administration


(ˈiːsɑː; Portuguese iˈsa)
(Placename) the Brazilian part of the river Putumayo


(ˌpu tuˈmɑ yɔ)

a river in NW South America, flowing SE from S Colombia into the Amazon in NW Brazil. 900 mi. (1450 km) long. Portuguese, Içá.
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The TransPhone Internet Web browser function is made possible through Citrix Systems' ICA (Intelligent Console Architecture) Windows presentation services protocol and the Citrix WinFrame Windows NT-based multi-user application server software.
Microsoft-endorsed ICA and/or RDP presentation services protocol to transport keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates between client and server; and 100% server-based execution of application logic.
ICA is a general-purpose presentation services protocol for Microsoft Windows, which allows an application's user interface to execute with minimal resource consumption on a client device, while the application logic executes on ICA-based servers, such as the Citrix WinFrame family of multi-user application servers.

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