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a. Of or relating to a president or presidency.
b. Befitting a president, especially the office of the president of the United States: criticized the candidate for not looking presidential.
2. Of or relating to a political system in which the chief officer is a president who is elected independently of the legislature for a fixed term: a presidential government.

pres′i·den′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.presidentially - in a presidential manner
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He made it a point, whenever he found himself in company with the President, to pay him his respects, and he had not been discouraged by the fact that there was no association of ideas in the eye of the great man as he put out his hand presidentially and said, "Happy to meet you, sir.
Thomas Charlotte Amalie at the former Scotiabank, 81 CC&DD Kronsprindsens Gade Charlotte Amalie at Tutu Park Mall, 4605 Tutu Park Mall, Suite 233 HUD through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recently announced an extension to its 90-day foreclosure moratorium until March 19, 2018 for Presidentially Declared Major Disaster Areas.
Since 1953, Maxwell said at the time, Arkansas had experienced 59 presidentially declared disasters.
Congress could alter or rescind monument designations, or repeal the Antiquities Act outright, but instead, Congress has either designated monuments on its own, or elevated presidentially designated monuments to the status of national parks.
The awardees were evaluated by a three-person committee comprised of a federal hiring official, a presidentially appointed member of the NSEP and a member of the Boren Forum.
The college must have a FEMA-approved plan to remain eligible for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds following a presidentially declared disaster.
Time is running out and, however unlikely the prospect, Christofias for once should behave presidentially and make the only decision the long-suffering Cypriots expect - and desperately need.
US Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, the presidentially appointed national incident commander, said in a statement that "significant progress has been made" in the so-called capping stack installation, which contains a series of valves.
The opposition accuses the presidentially appointed electoral council of favoring Preval's new Unity party.
In October a presidentially appointed advisory committee headed by former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine urged NASA to open its manned space program to private contractors after the space shuttles stop flying later this year.
Our presidentially boosted contestant didn't even bring home the bronze.
Special timing rules for presidentially declared disasters.

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