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 (prĕz′ĭ-dənt, -dĕnt′)
1. One appointed or elected to preside over an organized body of people, such as an assembly or meeting.
a. The chief executive of a republic.
b. The chief executive officer of the United States, with powers as determined by the US Constitution.
3. The chief officer of a branch of government, corporation, board of trustees, university, or similar body.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin praesidēns, praesident-, from present participle of praesidēre, to preside; see preside.]

pres′i·dent·ship′ n.
Usage Note: Occupations that are also titles, like president, doctor, and senator are normally capitalized when they precede a proper name but are not capitalized when used as common nouns: the comments of President Obama; the president's news conference.
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Noun1.presidentship - the office and function of president; "Andrew Jackson expanded the power of the presidency beyond what was customary before his time"
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
Chief Executive, President of the United States, President - the office of the United States head of state; "a President is elected every four years"
References in classic literature ?
A successful medical career which promised to end in a presidentship of a college and a baronetcy, had been cut short by his sudden inheritance of a considerable sum from a grateful patient, which had rendered him independent for life, and had enabled him to turn his attention to the more scientific part of his profession, which had always had a greater charm for him than its more practical and commercial aspect.
He himself had good reason for thinking so, as he had obtained the presidentship by rebelling while in charge of this same fortress.
Shah further stated that PCF under the presidentship of Kokab Nadeem Warraich is committed for the promotion of cycling in Pakistan and in this regard the federation will do its best for the improvement of infrastructure and training facility of cyclist and coaches.
Pele, who has already ruled himself out of the race for FIFA's top job, did not seem keen to answer questions pertaining to the FIFA and its presidentship.
I have earlier been the Joint Secretary of the BCCI under your Presidentship and I am now Secretary, BCCI.
Singh had said Sonia should "retain" Congress Presidentship and a generational change cannot be done "with a knife".
The contesting candidates of senior lawyers included Shams Bunery advocate for the slot of presidentship,Mukhtaram Shah advocate for vice presidentship,Sahib Zada advocate of Jangdara for general secretary ship, Abdul Kabeer advocate for joint secretary ship,Rahim Khan advocate for secretary finance while Zubair advocate of this group had already been declared winner unopposed.
Ever since she joined the political fray by accepting presidentship of Congress in 1998, Sonia has not lost any election, beginning with her first term in 1999.
Chaudhri also cites the example of the world known Islamic revivalist scholar, Sayyid abul 'Ala Mawdudi, who supported a woman candidate, Fatimah Jinnah against a male candidate for Presidentship in Pakistan in 1964.
But the allegation of Karzai's administration indulging in rigging the election in favour of Ghani, has forced the observers to doubt whether Ghani, winning the presidentship with Karzai's help may not sign the agreement with the US under Karzai's influence.
Ram Allah, Oct 10 (ONA) The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, received today at the presidentship HQs' in Ram Allah Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad al-Busaidi, Chairman of the Omani Football Association (OFA), Board Member of Omani Olympic Committee (OOC), Deputy Chairman of Audit Committee at Asian Football Association (AFA) and Member of FIFA Technical Committee, in the presence of Maj.
G20, under the presidentship of Russia is pursuing the primary agenda of increasing employment and growth, the statement added.