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intr.v. pre·sid·ed, pre·sid·ing, pre·sides
1. To hold the position of authority; act as chairperson or president: presided over the department for a year.
2. To possess or exercise authority or control: preside at a meeting.
3. Music To be the featured instrumental performer: presided at the keyboard.

[French présider, from Old French, from Latin praesidēre : prae-, pre- + sedēre, to sit; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·sid′er n.
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Abdelmalek Sellal, qui aura a presider aujourd'hui la ceremonie de commemoration de l'anniversaire a Ain Defla, a l'occasion d'une visite de travail et d'inspection dans la region, rencontrera les agriculteurs ou il annoncera d'importantes mesures pour donner un nouvel elan a l'agriculture.
Il a, a cet effet, rappele la declaration de Marrakech a l'occasion de la tenue du deuxieme Forum Mondial des Droits de l'Homme (FMDH), en vertu de laquelle le Mediateur du Maroc a ete designe pour presider la commission du travail competente en la matiere.
It is as if somehow the Eucharist were dependent on the person of the presider instead of the community gathered.
SM le Roi, Amir Al-Mouminine, avait preside, jeudi, a la mosquee "Mohammed VI" la sixieme causerie religieuse de la serie des causeries hassaniennes du mois sacre de Ramadan, avant de presider dans la soiree a la meme mosquee une veillee religieuse en commemoration de Laylat Al-Qadr.
Cela a est arrive lors qu'il presider jeudi au Secretariat General du Conseil des Ministres , une reunion sur la situation humanitaire dans le pays et la position des reserves strategiques.
In the discussion of eucharistic prayers, for example, Harrison was "vividly aware of the difference between our tradition that insists upon communally-authorized liturgies and the United tradition that gives the presider freedom to compose a liturgy.
He reminds the reader that authentic Christian ministry is sacramental, with the presider accompanying the church on its journey into the realm of God through the sacraments.
Le president de la HCC avait ete choisi par l'Assemblee generale pour presider la Cour et l'ancien president Mohamed Morsi avait ratifie la designation de la Cour.
Holley, Archdiocese of Washington serving as presider and Monsignor Charles Pope, pastor of Holy Comforter-St.
Both presider and liturgical musician are directly engaged on this point because of the GIRM and the Recognitio given by the Holy See.
Colliers Houston's Howard Weinberg, senior vice presider, SIOR, and Matthew Turse, senior associate, and Austin Godfrey, associate, have been spearheading the marketing efforts of these properties on behalf of the owner of the buildings, First Industrial Realty Trust.